House System

West Buckland School has a system of four houses: Brereton, Courtenay, Fortescue and Grenville. Each house comprises girls and boys, boarders and day pupils from every senior school year group.

Membership of houses is determined to ensure an even spread of academic, sporting, dramatic, musical and other talents across the four houses. Siblings are usually placed in the same house and where family connections are made known to the school, it is usual for the traditional house allegiance to be continued.

The house system is the focus of our provision for pastoral care and lies at the heart of so much that happens in school throughout the year. Each housemaster or mistress has an Assistant and a team of tutors to provide continuity of pastoral care throughout a pupil's school career. This team of staff will get to know every child and family very well over a period of years. For many pupils their allegiance to their house is almost as strong as their allegiance to West Buckland as a whole.

The house system creates many opportunities for leadership qualities to be demonstrated. This can happen through the system of prefects, many of whom work with younger pupils, providing them with role models and helping them in various ways through their younger years in school. Many will take opportunities to organise teams and entries in our many house competitions in sport, drama, music, debating, photography and other activities. All of these competitions contribute towards the coveted prize of the Southcomb Shield which holds a special place in school life and West Buckland tradition.