Library and ICT

The Library and Resources Centre offers a wide range of current fiction titles and classics to suit all ages and abilities with recommended reading lists available. The centre is equipped with 24 computers and has over 6,000 nonfiction books as well as a range of newspapers and magazines. All pupils also have access to a selection of online reference resources such as encyclopaedias and newspaper archives.

The ICT Centre houses more than 70 workstations and is open with supported access for all pupils from Years 7-13 during most lunchtimes and after school. Pupils also have access to the suite of computers in the Library and Resources Centre during the working day, evenings and weekends.

On enrolment at West Buckland School, all pupils are issued with a personal school email address and pupils can access their files anywhere in the world through a web browser or a remote desktop system.

Full Wi-Fi is also available in the sixth form and boarding areas of the school.