Sixth Form Life

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As a West Buckland sixth former, you will benefit from an environment which allows you to develop your own sense of values and identity while remaining a vital influence and leading within the school community.

Life in the Sixth Form is different from that of earlier years in the Senior School – you will study a smaller range of subjects and follow different work patterns which allow you to study and live independently. Relationships with staff and fellow students will be more relaxed and you are able to have considerable control of your education. At the same time you will have the opportunity to play a role as one of the senior members of the school by holding positions of leadership and responsibility.

The Sixth Form study, social and boarding facilities provide you with some of the best facilities in the region.  They are there to help you live and work more independently and prepare for the future, whether you plan to go to university or enter into the work place.

Alongside all this, our impressive range of challenging intellectual, sporting, cultural and social experiences will give you memories for a lifetime.